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ROBENGER Kennels - Portuguese Water Dogs & Border Collies

Rosie and Gerry Walmsley have both had experience with dogs since they were children.  This web site has been developed to let people know what the history has been in the development of the kennel and what is happening now.

ROBENGER Kennels are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

Please sign our guest book and let us know what you think about our site.  Do remember though that it has been created by us at ROBENGER Kennels and we are not IT professionals.

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Alex became the first UK and US Champion Portugese Water Dog today the 11th May.  He also was Best of Breed.     

Alex - What an image

Alexs' achievement has been commented on by dozens of people here in the UK and by many people who knew him in the USA.  I have selected a few to give you all a flavour of the regard that these people have for him. 

Michael Craig (handler of Alex in the UK)
Birmingham National 2012! Alex the Portuguese Water Dog was crowned his 3rd all important CC by Top Respected All round judge Miss Ferelith Somerfield. He is now American/English Champion Driftwood's N'Makitso War Ambassador! He is also the first Portie to ever be an American and English Champion as well as being the first American Bred Portie to be an English Champion! Thankyou to everybody for your support and Congratulations :)

Barbara Cawley (owner of Alexs' dad in the US)
Huge congratulations to Alex and his owners. When I saw him as an 8 week old puppy, I knew he was special. That litter has produced amazing dogs with his brother being No. 1 breed PWD in the US and his sister, Kachina, producing an Award Of Merit bitch and two more champions. We are proud of Alex's sire, Ch. Makitso N Pinehaven Ice Man, Brice, our breeding from our foundation bitch, Xena. Thanks also to Morgin Powell who saw the beauty in Brice and was the impetus behind this breeding. We, at Makitso PWDs, couldn't be more proud of Alex!!

Liz Holle Congrats from Alex's brother Warrior who was the #1 pwd in the United States last year!

Rosie & Ben

The affix ROBENGER is made up of three elements.  When we were setting up an affix for our show kennel we wanted to incorporate 
ourselves in to the identity and at that time Rosie owned a dog that meant the world to her.  His name was Ben and he was a gentle giant. 
So the affix is made up of - RO is a shortening of Rosemary.  BEN is the incomparable dog that we felt had to be involved with the founding of the kennel.  GER is the shortened version of Gerry. 
Big old Ben played a major part in Rosie's life and was the inspiration for much of Rosies activities with dogs.  Rosie also had Murphy, a blue merle rough collie who she had from Brian House.  He was a lovely dog to and so many people enjoyed him on nightingale park, Cambridge, where we walked him and Ben.

Ben and Murphy

More information about our Border Collies is available from this link.  Click on the picture to go to the Border Collies Gallery

Nine Border Collies on a walk

Candy at 18 months

It was in 1998 that Rosie and Gerry decided to get in to showing dogs.  The breed to choose though was a big decision.  We decided on Border Collies and we don't regret that at all.  We selected a lovely BC from Carolyn Ward.  We chose Candy and she was a marvelous foundation bitch.
Candy went on to have one litter of 7.  After achieving one reserve challenge certificate, Candy was involved in an accident which ended her showing career.  We very nearly lost her. but she is still with us and much loved by us all.
We were thankful to Carolyn again for our second Boarder Collie.  This was Benjie.  This is the dog that 'has never done anything wrong and never will', according to Rosie.  He is a truely loveley dog and a real pleasure to live with.  He was awarded a reserve challenge certificate and is now happily retired enjoying long walkes in the Sulehay quaries. 

Benjie looking magnificent


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